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Apr 17

Don’t Lie When You Apply for Life Insurance

The first thing an insurance company will do when you apply for a life insurance policy is pull a report called an MIB — that’s Medical Information Bureau. It's like a credit report for your health.
Apr 17

5 Ways Strangers Can Scam the Elderly

In “Stop Scamming Grandma,” we discussed the delicate nature of elder financial abuse at the hands of known family members. Now, let's look at five ways strangers can scam the elderly.
Apr 16

Financial Scams Targeting the Elderly | Top 5 List

Senior citizens are often believed to have a large amount of money in their bank accounts making them ideal targets for scam artists seeking to get their hands on some easy money.
Apr 16

Insurance Scams are Not Worth It

Have you ever gasped in response to learning how much your monthly premium will cost you when you first buy a new policy? If so, you’re not alone. Plenty of consumers are taken aback by the high cost of insurance.
Apr 16

How to Fight Medical Fraud: Medical Insurance Fraud, Part III

Now that you recognize the many faces of medical insurance fraud and why you should care, our Asurea Scam Report wants to teach you how to dance with these crooks. It’s the last thing a crook expects!
Apr 16

6 Reasons to Care About Fraud: Medical Insurance Fraud, Part II

You could be treated for a condition you don’t even have, or your medical records could claim you received a treatment that you did not. Is your insurance policy and monthly premium still just an afterthought?
Apr 16

Many Faces of Fraud: Medical Insurance Fraud, Part I

Medicare, Medicaid and other taxpayer-funded programs are among the largest and easiest programs for scammers to target, making medical fraud one of America’s biggest taxpayer ripoffs.
Apr 16

Health Insurance Scams | 10 Signs You’re the Target

Our Asurea Scam Report is constantly on the lookout for the steam of a brewing scam. One of the most trusted sources for the latest news on insurance fraud, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, compiled a list of 10 warning signs that you could be the target of health insurance scams.
Apr 16

Collecting Illegal Commissions

There was a time when 52-year-old Teresa Marie Davis looked forward to collecting bogus insurance policy commissions. But that time has passed. Today, she looks back on those days while sitting in a jail cell.
Feb 26

Stop Scamming Grandma! | Asurea Scam Report

When 99-year-old great-grandmother, Mary Williams* discovered that a new car had been purchased in her name, she knew right away that she was being scammed.
Feb 25

Feeding a Need at Loaves & Fishes

The Sacramento River swallows the American River whole – right near the Loaves & Fishes charity.
Feb 16

Reviewing Fake Reviews | Who Can You Trust?

A few weeks ago, I was browsing Amazon for natural facial toners. You know, the stuff that’s supposed to tighten your pores and replenish moisture, giving your skin a majestic glow?
Feb 08

Ambulance Company Defrauds Medicare

You never want to be that driver that takes forever to move over for an ambulance. But what if a con artist is driving said ambulance?
Jan 28

Cancer Never Sleeps, Neither Will We

What could be more fun than listening to music, playing games and hanging out with awesome people while making a difference in the fight against cancer?
Jan 25

Giving the Gift of Life Insurance

Sure, we get the gratification that a new Apple Watch brings and the allure of a diamond tennis bracelet. But the gift of life insurance rules!
Jan 22

Keeping Seniors Connected | Asurea Cares

You've probably lost count of how many times your social circle has changed throughout your life. Each phase brings new people — and takes them away.
Jan 20

Avoiding Insurance Scams | Three Quick Tips

With more than 7,000 insurance companies in the U.S., upwards of $1 trillion in premiums are sold each year, leaving plenty of room for fraud.
Jan 18

Tennessee Elder Rescued from Fraud

On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, law enforcement officials in Chattanooga, Tennessee posted a “Scam Alert” on their official Facebook page, which was reposted on the website of a local news station. The post informed the public of what appeared to be a one-off life insurance scam that targeted a local elderly woman in Hamilton County. “Someone she knew had a loved one that passed away a few weeks prior,” explained Matt Lea, the Public Information Officer for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. “They told her there was an unclaimed life insurance policy.” It’s not known if the scammers targeted other people, too. Officials are only aware of this one instance of the scam. According to the “Scam Alert,” representatives from a fraudulent life insurance company called the elderly woman at her home. They then told her that her recently deceased loved one left a life insurance policy behind that needed to be paid out. Finish reading this article on the Asurea Scam Report.
Jan 18

Insurance Commissioner Fights Fraud

Dave Jones, the Insurance Commissioner of California, has been keeping busy since he first took office in 2010. Among his many victories are several protections for consumers of insurance products and services.
Jan 18

Charity Scam: Real Deal or Fraud Squad

One charity scam in Brooklyn, NY blinded everyone to their crimes until recently. For years, the fake National Children’s Leukemia Foundation ran a multi-million dollar scam before authorities finally shut them down in December 2015. According to the office of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the fake charity got away with: Convincing donors to give a total of $9.7 million. Lying about having medical experts who could provide services to terminally ill children. Running a bone marrow registry and cancer research center. Neither existed. Preparing and submitting incomplete and falsified financial reports. Pretending to have a functioning board of directors made up of people who had no connection to the organization. Granting wishes to terminally ill children through its “Make A Dream” program, which “did little more in several years than donate one laptop computer to one child and send another child to Disney World.” Finish reading this article on the Asurea Scam Report.
Jan 18

Scam Artists: The Other Natural Disaster

Make no mistake. Scam artists are always lying in wait for their next opportunity to strike. Sadly, natural disasters that destroy property and take innocent lives are as good a time as any for a scammer to creep from the shadows. You are a much easier target for home repair scams when you are distressed. A flood that has invited itself into your living room. A tornado that has snatched the roof off of your house. And even the recent passing of a loved one. These are all “opportunities” to a scammer. As twisted as it sounds, it’s really the “perfect storm” for their corruption to flourish. In the wake of a natural disaster, you have a long list of things to take care of. But our Asurea Scam Report wants to add one more thing to your list. Watch out for the other type of natural disaster — the scam artist. Because they can make a bad situation so much worse. Here, we look at some recent natural disasters that have twisted and flooded their way across the US. And how scam artists are trying to use them to their advantage. Texas tornadoes: Taming the twisted aftermath The day […]
Jan 10

Bringing the Heat to Medicare Fraud

Insurance fraudsters are scamming people out of their money, and their victims are angrier than bulls charging a matador’s red cape.
Dec 23

The Magic of Happy Retirement Planning

Psychologist Daniel Kahneman and economist Angus Deaton uncovered in a 2010 academic study that $75,000 a year is the magic income number for retirement.
Dec 17

Insurance Fraud: What Is It?

A wildfire devours your home. Your retirement savings run out sooner than expected. A loved one dies suddenly. These are the financial disasters you're trying to avoid by having life insurance.
Dec 16

Making History | 221 Years of Insuring Lives

On December 15, 1794 – 221 years ago — a weather-beaten sea captain bought the nation's first life insurance policy!
Sep 24

Building Playgrounds, Giving Back

Imagine a neighborhood where kids have nowhere to go for fun, recreation or exercise — unless they pay an entrance fee or find it far away.

NPR: Getting Latinos Outdoors

Eduardo’s favorite stretch of woods is the winding road of pines and majestic sequoias at the Calaveras Big Trees State Park in California. He fell in love with the outdoors when he was a kid, traveling every summer to his family’s farm in Jalisco, Mexico, and going camping in Yosemite.

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Aug 11

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