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Giving the Gift of Life Insurance

Sure, we get the gratification that a new Apple Watch brings and the allure of a diamond tennis bracelet. But the gift of life insurance rules!

What’s a “good gift” anyway?

At Asurea, we love a good gift as much as the next person. But since we are the Simple Solution to all things life insurance, we have a thing for ensuring security in your life and in the lives of your loved ones. Sure, we get the instant gratification that a new Apple Watch brings. We understand the allure of a diamond tennis bracelet. But we can’t help but to think of how quickly the allure of such gifts can fade in such a short period of time.

With the gift of life insurance, you can make sure your loved ones are protected all year round. Giving a gift that you hope the recipient will love is an important part of the gift-giving experience. But the greatest gift you’ve probably never thought of giving can’t exactly be boxed, gift-wrapped and topped with a pretty bow. And that’s the gift of life insurance!

You might be wondering exactly how and when to give the gift of life insurance. So, our Asurea office put together a list of reasons why you might consider presenting your loved ones with a new policy instead of a new iPod.


New happily-ever-after (Newlyweds)

The newlyweds you hold dear might be expecting some of the usual wedding gifts: picture frames, toaster ovens, Mr.-and-Mrs. coffee mugs and other items of that nature. And those are all wonderful wedding gifts to give — until you realize the newlyweds got five of each of those wonderful gifts!

The life insurance policy you give to the bride and groom on their wedding day might not be the most dazzling gift of all. But it’s sure to stand out from the rest. And best of all, the life insurance policy you give will far outlive all those toaster ovens.

New bundle of joy (Baby)

When the stork brings a newborn baby into your life, you are bound to shower him or her with gifts big and small: state-of-the-art strollers, embroidered blankets, and the tiniest of designer clothes and shoes. These are all perfect gifts for the baby. But what about mom and dad?

Their sleepless nights will quickly turn into the terrible twos. Those terrible twos become play dates. And play dates become more than a decade of homework assignments. They’ll be so busy with parenting that getting new life insurance policies won’t seem as important anymore. Here’s your chance to help them out at the start of their parenting journey! Let everyone else bring those cute, little gifts to the baby shower. Your gift to the new parents? Life insurance!

New hedge-trimmers (Homeowners)

So, your daughter and son-in-law have finally moved out of their cramped studio apartment. As we speak, they’re moving the last of their boxes into the house they’ve been saving for over the past 10 years. Congratulations! (Especially if their cramped studio apartment was actually located in your basement!)

Go ahead and get them a few healthy houseplants and scented candles as housewarming gifts. But instead of dropping a hundred-plus bucks on that new microwave, you might want to consider other ways you can help them transition into their new lives. Which is more important: a perfectly heated TV dinner? Or a life insurance policy that can protect your daughter in case something happens to her husband, or vice versa?

With a new life insurance policy, they can have the peace of mind that will really allow them to enjoy their new journey as homeowners. Besides, you probably wouldn’t want them moving back into your basement because of an unexpected calamity! Would you?

The unbreakable gift

Our Asurea family loves a good gift as much as the next person. That’s why we love the idea of giving the gift of life insurance. It’s the one gift you could give to newlyweds, new parents and new homeowners that probably doesn’t require any repairs or replacements. Get in touch with ourAsurea office today, and we’ll help you choose the best policy gift for your loved ones.