Hi. My name is Angela Joy Bass.

I’m a Digital Communications Professional with 20 years in the public and private sectors and a multimedia storytelling skill set that spans print, video, radio, photography, pr/marketing and graphic design. My portfolio showcases some of my favorite stories and projects.

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Select print stories published in the Baltimore Sun, Bay Area Business Woman News, Land+People Magazine, San Francisco Bay Guardian & Mental Notes Magazine.

Die-Hard Independent Award: Clif Bar & Co

Ronda Badiang

Non-profit Aids Breast Cancer Patients

Moms & Daughters in Business Partnerships

Cover page to a magazine article entitled Hollywood Calling

Hollywood Calling: Mental Health in Film

teen girls practice giving CPR to a first-aid dummy

Care Values: A Health Camp for Teens

Seizing the Prize: Electroconvulsive Therapy


Videos I have produced over the past 15 years range from conceptual dance films to a PSA for the California Governor’s Office. See more on my YouTube channel.

Stranger Mornings: A dance story (Trailer)

Hilda Velez: Deaf Comedian Connects to Crowds

2020 in Review: California’s COVID Response

Nadia’s Violin

#DanceMatters: a short film

Make Some Noise For Q. Smitty

Shirley Sigmund Gives Voice to the Voiceless

MiMentor Health Careers Conference


With it you can enjoy creating, building your dream website!

Why Swedes Love Classic American Cars

PRI’s The World

Swedes caught onto the classic American car craze more than half a century ago. The country boasts more restored 1950s classics than the U.S., according to some estimates. An estimated 5,000 classic American cars – among them Pontiac Silver Streaks and Plymouth Road Runners – are shipped to Sweden each year. And the fervor built around these cars is fueling a subculture of American nostalgia in Scandinavia. Angela Bass reports from Rättvik, Sweden.

Getting Latinos Outdoors

NPR’s Latino USA

Eduardo Gonzalez loves the majestic sequoias and pines at Calaveras Big Trees State Park in California. He fell in love with the outdoors as a kid, traveling every summer to his family’s farm in Jalisco, Mexico and camping in Yosemite. As a hike leader for Latino Outdoors, a network of environmental educators and outdoor enthusiasts working to get more Latinos to connect – or reconnect – with nature. Angela Bass reports from Calaveras Big Trees State Park.

Rewriting Fillmore’s Redevelopment History

KALW’s Crosscurrents

On average, a San Francisco tenant pays more than $1,800 a month on rent. That’s more than what someone would make in a month on minimum wage. But right now, in San Francisco, it’s surprisingly a good time for low-income earners to buy a home. In the historic Fillmore jazz district, the city’s Redevelopment Agency is building 32 units of affordable townhomes and flats, and inviting many people who were displaced in the 1960s to apply. Unfortunately, locating those residents, and fixing the mistakes of the past, isn’t that easy. Angela Bass reports from the Fillmore.

Activist Mama CoAtl on Femicide in South America

KPFA Radio News

The United Nations implemented UNiTE to End Violence Against Women as a call to action against violence towards women and girls around the world. The action was prompted by the 1960 murders of three anti-government activists in the Dominican Republic known as the Mirabal sisters. Bay Area activist Mama CoAtl co-led an international day of action in San Francisco. Angela Bass reports.

Protesting Big Box Stores Around the World

KPFA Radio News

The National Day of Action Against Big Box Chain Stores is observed by legions across the country and around the world, from San Francisco to Washington, D.C. to London. On this day of action, protesters block entrances to chain stores such as Walmart, The Gap and the London-based Bristol Farms grocery stores, while demanding fair pay, health insurance and better working conditions. Angela Bass reports.


With it you can enjoy creating, building your dream website!

Hi. My name is Angela Joy Bass.

I’m a digital communications professional with 20 years in the public and private sectors and a multimedia storytelling skill set that spans film & video, radio & print, photography, feature & news writing, public relations, graphic design, and social media & website content creation.

In 2014, I launched Joy Visuals, a film, video and photo production company, collaborating with performance artists and other creatives inspired to tell a visual story in the most joyful way possible. 

I’m also a Digital Communications Specialist at the University of California, Davis, and I spent six years as a public relations specialist for the state of California.

I began working as a freelance writer and photographer in 2002, followed by several editorial internships before earning my Master’s in Journalism (M.J.) at UC Berkeley. I also hold a creative writing degree from San Francisco State University.

This website showcases some of my journalistic work in print, video, radio & graphic design.