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Jan 18

Scam Artists: The Other Natural Disaster

Make no mistake. Scam artists are always lying in wait for their next opportunity to strike. Sadly, natural disasters that destroy property and take innocent lives are as good a time as any for a scammer to creep from the shadows. You are a much easier target for home repair scams when you are distressed. A flood that has invited itself into your living room. A tornado that has snatched the roof off of your house. And even the recent passing of a loved one. These are all “opportunities” to a scammer. As twisted as it sounds, it’s really the “perfect storm” for their corruption to flourish. In the wake of a natural disaster, you have a long list of things to take care of. But our Asurea Scam Report wants to add one more thing to your list. Watch out for the other type of natural disaster — the scam artist. Because they can make a bad situation so much worse. Here, we look at some recent natural disasters that have twisted and flooded their way across the US. And how scam artists are trying to use them to their advantage. Texas tornadoes: Taming the twisted aftermath The day […]
Jan 10

Bringing the Heat to Medicare Fraud

Insurance fraudsters are scamming people out of their money, and their victims are angrier than bulls charging a matador’s red cape.
Dec 23

The Magic of Happy Retirement Planning

Psychologist Daniel Kahneman and economist Angus Deaton uncovered in a 2010 academic study that $75,000 a year is the magic income number for retirement.
Dec 17

Insurance Fraud: What Is It?

A wildfire devours your home. Your retirement savings run out sooner than expected. A loved one dies suddenly. These are the financial disasters you're trying to avoid by having life insurance.
Dec 16

Making History | 221 Years of Insuring Lives

On December 15, 1794 – 221 years ago — a weather-beaten sea captain bought the nation's first life insurance policy!
Sep 24

Building Playgrounds, Giving Back

Imagine a neighborhood where kids have nowhere to go for fun, recreation or exercise — unless they pay an entrance fee or find it far away.

NPR: Getting Latinos Outdoors

Eduardo’s favorite stretch of woods is the winding road of pines and majestic sequoias at the Calaveras Big Trees State Park in California. He fell in love with the outdoors when he was a kid, traveling every summer to his family’s farm in Jalisco, Mexico, and going camping in Yosemite.

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Aug 11

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