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Apr 17

Don’t Lie When You Apply for Life Insurance

The first thing an insurance company will do when you apply for a life insurance policy is pull a report called an MIB — that’s Medical Information Bureau. It's like a credit report for your health.
Apr 17

5 Ways Strangers Can Scam the Elderly

In “Stop Scamming Grandma,” we discussed the delicate nature of elder financial abuse at the hands of known family members. Now, let's look at five ways strangers can scam the elderly.
Apr 16

Financial Scams Targeting the Elderly | Top 5 List

Senior citizens are often believed to have a large amount of money in their bank accounts making them ideal targets for scam artists seeking to get their hands on some easy money.
Apr 16

Insurance Scams are Not Worth It

Have you ever gasped in response to learning how much your monthly premium will cost you when you first buy a new policy? If so, you’re not alone. Plenty of consumers are taken aback by the high cost of insurance.
Apr 16

How to Fight Medical Fraud: Medical Insurance Fraud, Part III

Now that you recognize the many faces of medical insurance fraud and why you should care, our Asurea Scam Report wants to teach you how to dance with these crooks. It’s the last thing a crook expects!
Apr 16

6 Reasons to Care About Fraud: Medical Insurance Fraud, Part II

You could be treated for a condition you don’t even have, or your medical records could claim you received a treatment that you did not. Is your insurance policy and monthly premium still just an afterthought?
Apr 16

Many Faces of Fraud: Medical Insurance Fraud, Part I

Medicare, Medicaid and other taxpayer-funded programs are among the largest and easiest programs for scammers to target, making medical fraud one of America’s biggest taxpayer ripoffs.
Apr 16

Health Insurance Scams | 10 Signs You’re the Target

Our Asurea Scam Report is constantly on the lookout for the steam of a brewing scam. One of the most trusted sources for the latest news on insurance fraud, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, compiled a list of 10 warning signs that you could be the target of health insurance scams.
Apr 16

Collecting Illegal Commissions

There was a time when 52-year-old Teresa Marie Davis looked forward to collecting bogus insurance policy commissions. But that time has passed. Today, she looks back on those days while sitting in a jail cell.
Feb 26

Stop Scamming Grandma! | Asurea Scam Report

When 99-year-old great-grandmother, Mary Williams* discovered that a new car had been purchased in her name, she knew right away that she was being scammed.