Multimedia Professional

Storytelling is the common denominator of everything I do professionally.

Facebook-2016-2My 14 years of professional and creative storytelling has spanned many roles – from online news editor for AOL and radio producer for NPR’s Latino USA to freelance writer for Land + People Magazine and marketing content writer for a nationally focused consumer-watch report.

In 2014, I launched Storybrook Media, a video storytelling company serving nonprofits and small businesses in Northern and Southern California. And in early 2016, I stepped into the role of Public Information Officer for the California Department of State Hospitals.

I hold a Master’s in Journalism from UC Berkeley and a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing from San Francisco State. I’m also a graduate of Women’s Initiative for Self-Employment, a business incubator that empowered women entrepreneurs from 1988 to 2014.

Add to this mix several back-to-back magazine, newspaper and public-radio internships, and you’ve got one well-rounded storyteller.

But don’t just take it from me.