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Jan 22

Keeping Seniors Connected | Asurea Cares

How to Stay Connected to the Ones You Love

Reliable constants

You have probably lost count of how many times your social circle has changed throughout your life. Each phase of your life brings new people into your circle — and takes them away. It can leave you wondering who you can rely on for constant companionship as you age.

Good-health juju

As a senior citizen, having a few reliable constants in your life — such as a weekly art class, monthly book club or even Medicare Supplements — can be a big source of “good-health juju”! With access to more than 40 insurance carriers, Asurea is your go-to source for information on the best and most affordable Medicare Supplement plans for your needs.

In addition to helping you get information about Medicare Supplements, Asurea wants to help you stay connected to others for good mental health. Keep reading for these 5 tips on keeping connected to those around you.

1. Volunteer your time

Helping others in your community can give you a greater sense of purpose and connection. There are endless ways to lend a helping hand. Consider greeting troops as they return from overseas, delivering meals to fellow seniors who receive Meals on Wheels or sharing your knowledge of art or history as a docent at your local museum.

2. Ask, “Where’s my hug?”

It’s always nice to give and receive a nice, big bear hug — especially as your social circle thins out, and you start to feel the effects of isolation. Research shows that a simple hug or even just the placing of the hand on a shoulder can cut down on stress levels, making us feel much better. Try going out of your way to hug your loved ones during greetings and goodbyes. Ask them, “Where’s my hug?” if you need to!

3. Be a Foster Grandparent

Whether you have grandchildren of your own or not, you can always be a role model, mentor and friend to children with special needs. As a Foster Grandparent, you can help children learn to read, care for disabled children or be a positive force in the lives of abused or neglected children. For elders without grandchildren of their own, this is one way to fulfill the role with a purpose.

4. Log in

It’s perfectly plausible that your social circle has simply adopted social media. Have you? You may wish to communicate face-to-face with your loved ones, rather than on Facebook or Google Hangouts. But the fact is that many of them are probably updating their Facebook status while you’re waiting for them to call or visit. The fix? Create a Facebook account! Once online, you can engage in the fifth suggested way to stay connected in your senior years.

5. Dine out

There is probably nothing more social than sharing a meal with others. Just think back to some of your favorite memories with loved ones. You see food in the background, don’t you? Preparing a great meal is an almost foolproof way to lure your loved ones to your dinner table. Don’t want to do all the cooking? It’s a potluck! Even a family spat or hearty discussion can stir your soul in a healthy way. Point is, breaking bread with others can break up feelings of social isolation and promote better nutrition.

Why it truly matters

Ask Andrew Beer, the Dean of Research and Innovation at the University of South Australia, why seniors need to stay connected. He worked at the University of Adelaide when he and colleagues found in a 2014 study that “social isolation is equivalent to the health effects of smoking 15 cigarettes a day or consuming more than six alcoholic drinks daily,” he said. “It is more harmful than not exercising and twice as harmful as obesity.”

So, get out there and make those connections! Your health depends on it! And don’t forget to contact Asurea to learn more about how reliable Medicare Supplements can be. Your ability to cover all of your medical expenses without skipping a beat may depend on it.

About the Author:
Angela J. Bass is a multimedia journalist from Oakland, California.

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