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Tennessee Elder Rescued from Fraud

On Wednesday, December 16, 2015, law enforcement officials in Chattanooga, Tennessee posted a “Scam Alert” on their official Facebook page, which was reposted on the website of a local news station. The post informed the public of what appeared to be a one-off life insurance scam that targeted a local elderly woman in Hamilton County.

“Someone she knew had a loved one that passed away a few weeks prior,” explained Matt Lea, the Public Information Officer for the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. “They told her there was an unclaimed life insurance policy.”

It’s not known if the scammers targeted other people, too. Officials are only aware of this one instance of the scam. According to the “Scam Alert,” representatives from a fraudulent life insurance company called the elderly woman at her home. They then told her that her recently deceased loved one left a life insurance policy behind that needed to be paid out.

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