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Charity Scam: Real Deal or Fraud Squad

One charity scam in Brooklyn, NY blinded everyone to their crimes until recently. For years, the fake National Children’s Leukemia Foundation ran a multi-million dollar scam before authorities finally shut them down in December 2015. According to the office of New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, the fake charity got away with:

  • Convincing donors to give a total of $9.7 million.
  • Lying about having medical experts who could provide services to terminally ill children.
  • Running a bone marrow registry and cancer research center. Neither existed.
  • Preparing and submitting incomplete and falsified financial reports.
  • Pretending to have a functioning board of directors made up of people who had no connection to the organization.
  • Granting wishes to terminally ill children through its “Make A Dream” program, which “did little more in several years than donate one laptop computer to one child and send another child to Disney World.”

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