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Bringing the Heat to Medicare Fraud

Insurance fraudsters are scamming people out of their money, and their victims are angrier than bulls charging a matador’s red cape.

Seeing red

Insurance fraudsters are scamming people out of their money, and the victims are angrier than bulls charging a matador’s red cape. One of your best defenses against falling for an insurance scam are the people who have fallen victim before you.

With insurance scams costing Americans more than $80 billion a year in inflated premium costs, there are plenty of horror stories and warning calls plastered across the internet. Heed them. Because in this vast industry of more than 7,000 insurance companies, it’s easier than we’d like to admit for you to become an insurance scammer’s next victim.

Medicare scams are among the most widespread, so preventing them is no joke.

Medicare scammer’s paradise

Every year, Medicare scam artists continue to charge the red cape, attempting to rip it to shreds.

Within the Senior Medicare Patrol, highly trained volunteers warn beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid health care fraud, including how to detect and report it. Since 1997, nearly 30,000 volunteers have processed more than 300,000 complaints for investigation. This is proof that Medicare fraud is no joke!

The volunteers — consisting of doctors, nurses, investigators, accountants, law enforcement personnel, teachers and attorneys — help people like you to:

If you can’t stand the heat…

It’s one thing for millions of senior citizens in the U.S. to be scammed out of their health care benefits. It’s another ballgame altogether figuring out how to recover their losses. But in 2009, the Affordable Care Act administration created the Health Care Fraud Prevention and Enforcement Action Team — aka The HEAT — to tackle this issue.

Under HEAT, the amount of charged fraud cases rose to 75 percent, returning more than $10 billion to the Medicare Trust Fund since its inception. And the trust fund is on track to cover all obligations until 2030, according to the Social Security and Medicare boards of trustees.

When an angry bull takes charge, he usually gets what he wants. And hardworking people are really no different.

But like they say: If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Asurea Simple Solution Tips:

Be sure to question any doctors or health-care professionals who:

  • Request your Medicare number in exchange for “record-keeping purposes.”
  • Call or visit you, claiming that they represent Medicare or the federal government.
  • Try to pressure or scare you into buying costly medical services or diagnostic tests.

Boxing gloves: on

Are you ready to fight insurance scams? So are we! Our Asurea team doesn’t tolerate bad behavior in the insurance industry. We’ve got our boxing gloves on, ready to fight for your right to a secure financial future. Get into the boxing ring by checking out these other articles from our Asurea Scam Report.